Residential Security: Which Security Features do Apartment Complex Residents Value the Most?

Residential Security Features

Today more U.S. households are renting than at any time in the past 50 years. But as demand is set to decrease to 2% growth annually, property managers and building owners will have to do more to attract and retain renters.
While some building owners are looking to invest in traditional amenities to increase occupancy and lower turnover, these attributes don’t always make a property more appealing.
In fact, a bigger investment in residential security can help pay for itself. You can help protect your renters and add to the rent to pay for the expense.
But not all renter security systems are created the same. You want to provide the services that your tenants and potential tenants want most.

1. Security Cameras

Security cameras in common areas provide an extra level of protection for your tenants and their guests. When placed properly throughout your property they can be a deterrent to property damage and will make your tenants feel safer.
Security cameras alone do not stop crime though. You will need to invest in a system of security rather than just cameras in order to appeal to today’s savvy tenants.
In fact, security cameras on their own don’t deter crime. You will need someone watching the system and keeping an eye on the areas the cameras cover.
But an investment in security cameras as part of an overall program is appealing to residents.

2. Access Cameras

In today’s wireless marketplace there are a number of ways to utilize security systems. One way to ensure limited access to your building areas and the apartments themselves is through access cameras.
In the old days, some buildings relied on buzzers and intercoms to grant access to building visitors. But how often were these defenses breached?
Someone could buzz every apartment to try and get access. Or, they could prop open a door.
But using access cameras and automated locks your tenants can control access to your building. These cameras also make an ideal peephole in the apartments themselves.
They can see who is trying to get in without leaving their couch.

3. Badging Systems

Badging systems with RFID access to spaces is a more efficient way to control access to your building. You can use digital key fobs to control access to elevators, common spaces, and side doors.
Residents favor this type of technology because it is more secure than the old key and lock system. It was too easy to make duplicate keys and lose control of the people who had access to the building.
If someone loaned a key out or made a duplicate, the building was no longer secure. And unless property owners wanted to invest in re-locking the entire building there was no way to maintain security.
Badging systems are preferable to today’s residents.

4. Secure Locks

There have been a number of technological investments in security. But protecting residents through sturdy locks still sends a clear message.
You can invest in digital locks and integrate these in a wireless security system. You can also tie these access points into a remote or onsite monitoring system.
These investments work to keep the tenants and their guests safe.

5. Wireless Systems

Wireless systems work to make life easier in any apartment complex. They are appealing to tenants for the level of protection they offer.
Wireless systems are appealing to building owners and property managers because they increase the effectiveness of the systems exponentially.
If digital systems, cameras, and service personnel are all effective on their own, they are that much more so with wireless linking everything together.
Your tenants can access their security systems from work. They can approve guests and building deliveries from their smartphones.
Wireless systems offer peace of mind. And the access you can grant tenants will allow them to be more secure and comfortable at home.

6. Security Concierge Service

Nothing works so much to create a secure space than trained personnel on your building property. These security professionals can monitor the onsite security systems and control access to the property.
Your tenants will be greeted by security personnel every time they enter or exit the building. And your onsite security personnel can make arranging deliveries and granting access to service providers that much easier.
Whether your tenants need help carrying items or finding replacement badges, onsite security personnel fulfill dual roles.

The Best Amenity

Security personnel makes your building more secure. They also make your building more comfortable and tenant-friendly.
Dog walking services, meal prep, grocery delivery, and onsite laundry can be almost impossible to manage without onsite help.
Utilizing onsite security personnel makes your building more appealing.

An Increase In Lease Rates

Home security for renters is a great investment for property managers and building owners for a number of reasons. You will have less vacancy because your units will be more appealing when they have the best renter security systems.
In addition, you are likely to receive benefits on your insurance and will have less damage and upkeep to deal with. With the right investments in security, your capital costs will decrease.
You will keep tenants longer as well. Client satisfaction, and investing in your tenants, will drop your turnover rates.
You’ll save money on marketing. In addition, you will also be able to command higher rates for your leases.
Renters will pay more for residential security.

Your Trusted Advisor for Residential Security

Once you realize the benefits and the return on investment (ROI) for residential security the only question is where to start. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security.
You need the help of an experienced and reputable advisor to help create a service solution based on the requirements of your property. You don’t want to waste money on the wrong services or invest in systems that won’t really protect your tenants and property.
OPS Security Group can help. We have over 80 years of combined experience in security, safety, and investigations throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland.
Our security guard services are tailored to fit your needs. Contact OPS Security Group for the help you need now.

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