Security Doesn't Stop with the Guards: 5 Types of Training OPS Offers Its Clients

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Recent years have seen businesses continue to invest in security training. Recent statistics show a rise in small businesses being hit with crime. It is no wonder that business owners are putting their business security as a top priority.
Security groups like OPS understand the importance of providing quality training. They provide a variety of courses in their office and as well as the worksite of the client.
These courses provide officers training and certifications to carry out their responsibilities. These courses are also taught with state requirements and client-specific needs in mind.
Read on to find out how security training from OPS can help your business’s security needs.
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PATH (Practical and Tactical Handcuffing)

PATH (Practical and Tactical Handcuffing) is a comprehensive handcuffing training course. It is a useful security training course for security officers.
Handcuffs are one of the most often used tools used by security, yet proper training is often lacking. Studies have shown that security or police officers use handcuffs 77% of the time when arresting or trying to constrain someone. The improper use of handcuffs can result in injuries to either the subject or the officer. This is why proper training in the use of handcuffs extremely important.
The PATH course covers various handcuffing topics. The safe positioning of handcuffing and the use of different types of handcuffs are some examples.
There are many benefits to your security personnel taking the PATH course, including reduced injury and the reduced potential for liability.

MOAB (Management of Aggressive Behavior)

MOAB (Management of Aggressive Behavior) teaches the skills for managing aggressive behavior. This course is helpful to your security team when dealing with a subject who is non-compliant.
The program teaches compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive or violent subjects. Every technique taught in the course, whether it be verbal or physical, is used to diffuse a crisis.
The course also addresses different types of crises as well as the different stages of a conflict. MOAB is a comprehensive course on managing conflict, anxiety, and aggression. This course can prove to be beneficial in your security training.
Diffusing a situation is key to preventing sensitive situations from blowing out of control. Your security team will benefit from knowing how to control high-stress situations.

PPBT (Personal Protection Baton Tactics)

The PPBT (Personal Protection Baton Tactics) teaches proper baton handling. The course is for security officers who may deal with conflict or violence during their jobs.
Batons are a common tool that has been used for decades. Proper training in their use is essential to lower the potential for injuries to both officers and subjects.
Your security team will learn many things in this course. Proper defensive positions, drawing techniques, baton shielding, and baton retention. They will also learn the effects of police batons. How to identify if a situation justifies baton use and proper baton incident documentation.

OCAT (Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training)

The OCAT (Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training) course teaches the proper way to use Oleoresin Capsicum. Known as pepper spray, this aerosol spray is often used as a protection device.
Pepper spray can affect the skin, face, eyes, and respiratory system. It is immediately debilitating when used. This convenient spray is reliable and has no long-term harmful effects on the receiver. Pepper spray is accepted as a safe control option for security personnel.
The OCAT program is designed for security officers who deal with conflict or potential violence. In the course, your security staff will learn different tactical concepts, spraying techniques, proper defensive positions, and drawing techniques.
They will learn the different effects of pepper spray, how to identify factors that justify the use of pepper spray to lower risk of liability, and proper pepper spray incident documentation.

CPR, AED, and First Aid

This course can benefit every staff member but is particularly important for security teams. This course covers the subjects of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), AED (automated external defibrillator), and first aid.
The course will cover proper CPR protocol for adults, children, and infants, including proper handling of choking for victims of all ages. CPR is a life-saving procedure that is given to someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest. It helps pump blood in a person’s body when their heart can’t.
Your security personnel will also learn the uses of AED and its procedures. AEDs are also used during a sudden episode of cardiac arrest. Along with the two different techniques, basic first aid training is also covered.
When there is an incident on your business property, your security team will usually be the first one on the scene to assess the situation. If there is someone hurt, you want to make sure that your security team is capable of helping someone out in need.

Ready for Security Training from OPS?

Proper security training will benefit your business for many reasons. You and your staff will feel more safe and secure in your place of work knowing that you have a competent team in place if there are ever any issues.
A professional security group like OPS will ensure that your team will receive the best training. They provide a wide variety of courses that address any potential issues that your security personnel may face on the job.
Check us out for more information on how we can help keep you and your business safe.
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