Security Mistakes That Put Your Residents and Property at Risk 

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Security Mistakes That Put Your Residents and Property at Risk 

The basics of security begin with an understanding that simple measures can make a huge difference. Residential security should be a top priority for property owners and there are lots of benefits that come with having 24/7 home security

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Here are three of the most common residential security mistakes that will put your property at risk.

1. Not Upgrading Safety Hardware

Have you ever updated or upgraded any of your security hardware? You might not have had an incident yet, but it’s crucial to have your hardware up to date before something bad happens. Maintenance is a part of residential security and you can never be too cautious.

Sure, you might have an alarm system, but is it still functioning? What about your locks? Are all of your security cameras all working properly? What about your security lights? Your security plan is made up of several components and it’s extremely important to make sure that each part works well for maximum efficiency.

Updating your alarm system could mean upgrading it to work with cloud storage for better monitoring, or even replacing security cameras that no longer work. Simple things such as maintaining outdoor light fixtures, upgrading locks, and updating alarm systems and fire detectors can improve the safety of your property. Over time, hardware will degrade, so replacing things when needed is critical. 

2. Not Having an Access Control System in Place

Access control is a system that is used to provide the right to enter and use a resource.

Access control can be implemented in various ways. It could be through physical means; such as locks and keys, or through logical means; such as passwords and access privileges. In addition, keeping a physical security guard to monitor access points can be effective. An access control system can also be considered a form of intrusion detection.

Installing an access control system in residential properties has several benefits. Not only do these systems provide a sense of security and safety to the occupants, but they help reduce the risk of burglary and vandalism. They also make it easier for police to identify intruders if they are ever detected.

All in all, an access control system is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect residential properties from theft, break-ins, and vandalism. It can also help homeowners recover stolen items by providing information about who entered the property, when they did so, how long they stayed there, and what exactly they took with them.

3. Not Actively Maintaining the Landscape

Yes, your property should look beautiful. That is always a selling point for your tenants, but security and safety shouldn’t be sacrificed for an aesthetic value. Landscaping has a lot to do with home security

By not maintaining your hedges and exterior plants, it can allow the landscaping to grow wild, creating potential hiding places for intruders and criminals. In addition, they can also affect sight-lines for security cameras and create shaded areas that would have otherwise been illuminated by outdoor security lighting. 

Did you know that unoccupied properties are at a higher risk of break-ins and vandalism? By letting people know that your property is actively maintained, it can help avoid dangerous situations. 

Home security doesn’t just stop at security cameras, lighting, and security guard patrols. Being strategic about the placement of your outdoor plants can be very helpful. Not only will it create a sense of privacy, but having hostile vegetation like thorny shrubs near windows can be a deterrent for break-ins.

How To Avoid These Residential Security Mistakes

Having professional security experts conduct security surveys and assessments is your first step to avoiding these mistakes. A security survey is a process that evaluates the level of security present within a property. This survey is usually conducted by an external company such as OPS Security to: 

  • find out how vulnerable a property is to potential intruders
  • determine areas of improvement in terms of safety and security
  • assess the level of risk to occupants and property

It is essential to avoid any mistakes that could potentially put your residents or property at risk. By having a professional security expert conduct a security survey and assessment, it can open your eyes to potential problems you were unaware of prior. By making sure that your safety hardware is up to date, having a reliable access control system in place, and actively maintaining a thought out landscape design, you will create a more safe and secure environment for your property.  

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