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7 Ways On-Site Security Personnel Can Stop Theft

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Theft costs businesses 50 billion dollars every single year.
Whether you own a retail business, manage a corporate warehouse, or are a commercial property manager in charge of keeping tenants happy, theft should always be at the forefront of your mind.
Given the staggering amount of theft that takes place on an annual basis though, what can one do to curb criminal efforts?
Among the top solutions that many business owners turn to is hiring on-site security personnel.
On-site security personnel can monitor your organization during business hours. They can even keep your business or warehouse safe past closing time. These security professionals provide business owners with a bevy of benefits, a few of which our team will break down for you below.

1. Security Detours Would-Be Thieves

The presence of security personnel will stop the vast majority of thieves from targeting your business. After all, why would someone try to steal from you when another business that isn’t leveraging security and represents a much easier target?
Because of that loss of opportunity thieves perceive when they see security on your premises, security personnel give you a big-time return on your investment immediately.

2. They Provide a Sense of Security

If your business is running operations in a downtown district, customers may already be self-conscious when visiting your organization.
With security at your business, however, customers who walk onto your property can shop with confidence. They’ll know that they run a reduced risk of getting mugged, pick-pocketed, or harassed by those that mean to harm.

3. They Handle Crime Quickly

Effective security is a skill that comes via a lot of training. The on-site security personnel that you contract from a reputable agency will not only be able to take care of crime when it happens, but they’ll be able to do it in a way that disrupts your business’ operations minimally and remedies the situation legally.
Quelling crime in a way that doesn’t create a liability situation for you and keeps your customers from being disturbed is always something you should expect from the security team you bring on.

4. Their Experience Allows Them to Identify Suspicious Behavior

Prevention is the best way to stop crime. Fortunately, with security personnel, you can expect professionals who can sniff out crime before it happens. They can then act accordingly to make sure no bad acts materialize.
For example, a security guard can quickly identify a suspicious visitor who seems to be hovering around your property. Tuned into that potential for risk, security personnel can move into the area and station themselves to give would-be criminals the sense that they’re being watched and drive them away.

5. They Can Help With Both Customer and Employee Theft

Did you know that employee theft could cost your business millions of dollars per year? That’s why any security personnel focused solely on customers are only giving you a partial return on the investment you’re making in them.
Onsite security monitors your business holistically. That means that they are tuned into suspicious behaviors the people who work for you might be exhibiting.
With security on-site, your employees with think twice before using their privileged access to steal expensive office equipment and other valuables from your business.

6. Security Is Excellent at Crowd Control

When you’re running a business, you never know when a disorderly customer could disrupt your operations. That disorderly conduct could lead to fights or other malicious situations.
With security, disorderly people will be deterred from encroaching on your organization. If they do, the situation will be controlled quickly to prevent escalation and damage to your property, merchandise, or customers.

7. Your Business’ Reputation Will Improve

A business that invests in keeping its customers safe is a business that people want to engage with. This is particularly true when considering businesses that are operating out of areas known for crime.
When customers feel safe visiting your business, that sense of safety will translate into them coming back. It will also translate into them leaving your business better reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.
When thieves see that attempts to steal from you have been thwarted, they’ll move onto other targets. They’ll communicate with others looking to steal from you and let them know that you’re not worth the trouble.
All of those small wins add up to your business building a reputation as one that takes care of its customers. One that cares about its merchandise. One that is not afraid to defend itself against those who mean to do it harm.

Wrapping Up Ways On-Site Security Personnel Can Stop Theft

Are you a business owner who has a vested interest at keeping thieves away and customers safe?
If so, you’re going to want to invest in on-site security personnel. As you can see from the benefits we’ve outlined above, security brings tremendous value to your organization.
Whether just acting as a deterrent or actually jumping in to deal with a situation, you’ll be glad that you made a choice to protect your business by adding security to your budget.
If you’re looking for a premier provider of security for stores, warehouses, residential properties and more, our team can help.
At OPS Security Group, we have been providing security solutions to businesses like yours for over 80 years. Let us take our expertise and start helping you protect the things that matter.
Learn more about the services our company offers. Contact us today for a consolation on how we can service your unique needs.

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