Security Warehouse Tips: 7 Ways to Improve Your Warehouse Securty

Did you know the number of break-ins and burglaries continue to decrease over the years? That said, you can’t get complacent—you never know when someone could break into your warehouse and steal supplies.
There are other risks in your warehouse’s security too, such as issues with your access control or data tampering by unauthorized individuals.
Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a list here of 7 ways to improve your security warehouse. Read on and learn more.

1. Don’t Use Manual Data Entry Practices

The technology available today makes it necessary to use mobile computers that have barcode scanners. You can put these alongside RFID readers at your warehouse’s receiving dock. This helps you identify the products arriving as soon as possible.
Manual data entry takes up too much time in today’s fast-paced industry. These scanners will help you take the products off your dock while decreasing the chances of error. That means you’ll avoid mistakes with manual receiving like misidentification due to counting and data entry errors.

2. Use an Emergency Response System

OSHA mandates all employers should have emergency plans in place. This should include what you expect of your employees when an emergency occurs. The plan includes emergency exits as well as protocols concerning evacuation.
You need to ensure your warehouse security system has fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment. The warehouse operations also need a lockout or tag-out program. This prevents the equipment from getting turned on, leading to more injuries.
Your warehouse operations management should also do a site hazard assessment. This helps determine the personal protective equipment needed based on the hazards found. They should also help train your employees on the proper maintenance of the equipment.

3. Make Effective Communication a Point

If you want to improve your warehouse security systems, you need to make everyone in your company clear about your goals. With this, you must tell them the processes needed to achieve each goal. Don’t hesitate to remind your employees until they have a clear picture of what their roles are.
Otherwise, your employee productivity will suffer due to the failure of effective communication. This results in high turnover rates while wasting precious resources. This can compromise your security since employees don’t know what to do.

4. Use Motion Detection Systems

This security system feature plays the most important role in your warehouse safety. It’s due to the fact that it can detect whether an unauthorized person is within your premises. The system goes off when tripped by movement, sending a signal to your security control panel.
The alarm will go to your central monitoring system. You need to ensure your provider has a 24/7 operation. This ensures your warehouse’s defenses are unbreakable.

5. Use Perimeter Protection

Another important aspect of warehouse security is perimeter protection. This is especially the case when your warehouse has a large area surrounding it. Your warehouse becomes more vulnerable the bigger your yard is.
The main reason a huge yard is a vulnerability is due to the difficulty of guarding each point of entry. Modern technology fixes this with the use of professional security appliances like IP cameras as well as video verification systems. Glass break detection and door protection are great for optimizing your warehouse’s perimeter security.

6. Use Glass Break Detection

As stated above, glass break detectors are great for your warehouse security. It’s a sensor used to detect if any of your glass panels get shattered or broken. The microphone tracks any noise or subtle vibrations coming from the glass surface.
If the sounds and vibrations go beyond a specific threshold, the sensor triggers. Your central monitoring center gets a notification via the alarm. It’s a great addition to your system if your warehouse has a lot of ground-level windows.
This is more important when your warehouse is large. This makes it easier for you to track each corner of the building without having to use visual cues. With a glass break detection system, you get notified as soon as a ground-level window gets compromised.

7. Use Remote Notification Technology

A lot of professional security companies will give you the necessary equipment to get remote notifications. These go straight to your smartphone device or email addresses. This allows you to get real-time alerts when important entry points of your warehouse get accessed by unauthorized individuals.
You will get the notifications regardless of where you are. That means you can check on your warehouse security even when you’re at home or buying the groceries. You can do this in a seamless manner as long as you have cellular phone service or a stable internet connection.

BONUS: Use Building Access Control

Do you need an automatic means of permitting or restricting access to your warehouse? If so, an electronic building access control technology is your best choice. With this in place, only authorized people can go inside your premises.
There are a lot of ways to go with this—a key card or a key fob entrance plan are the most common ones around. This helps limit the possible points of entry into your warehouse. It’s especially more effective when you integrate them with other commercial security options like CCTV.

Upgrade Your Security Warehouse Today!

It’s important to do some regular tests with your security system. This ensures everything is in working order. It’s always better to be safe than sorry to make sure you get the most out of your investments.
A lot of professional security companies will recommend testing your alarm system every week. You don’t need to do daily system maintenance as long as you get a good security warehouse system.
If you’re not sure where to start, these tips can help you get the proper equipment for your warehouse. This will determine whether your operation becomes well-run and orderly or a devastating, chaotic mess.
Do you need more help with your security systems? If so, you can contact us today and we’ll help you.

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