Signs You’re Paying for a Security Monitor, Not Security Guard Services

Whether you’re managing a residential property or running a commercial building, protecting your employees and residents should be a priority.
You have several options to choose from when it comes to hiring security for your building. You could choose to equip your property with a camera or alarm system, as well as a security monitor. Or, you could hire a full-service security guard company.
Purchasing a high tech system and manning it with a security monitor might seem like the more cost-effective option, but it’s not. It might be cheaper, but you’re not getting what you pay for. Read on to learn more.
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The Problem with a Security Monitor

Security systems involving cameras and alarms require a security monitor. A security monitor is a person trained to monitor your security systems and alert someone to any hazardous conditions or problems.
Security monitors aren’t trained to effectively handle security problems that arise. They only alert authorities to the problem. This leaves a big hole in your security plan.
While cameras an alarms are important, they don’t do enough to make residents and employees feel protected.
Your building needs a qualified security guard that can monitor your property for potential threats and handle problems once they arise. A security guard service provides the extra attention your property needs and peace of mind that property managers deserve.
A simple monitoring service doesn’t deliver this. Keep reading to learn the difference between a security guard and a security monitor. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about choosing the right security.

Signs that You May Be Paying for a Security Monitor Rather than Guard Services

Hiring a security monitor instead of a security guard service can be a major mistake for your commercial or residential property.
Here are a few signs that your security service may not be providing the protection that you need.

They Plan to Call the Police or Management for Even Minor Issues

If the only thing your security monitor is going to do when a disturbance occurs is to call the police, then you’re likely only paying for a security monitor.
A high-quality security guard can deal with minor issues like getting rid of trespassers or dealing with tenants or employees.
Security monitors that turn to a different authority in the event of a problem waste time and put your building at risk.
Instead, you need experienced security guards who can deal with disruptions fast. That way your employees or tenants experience minimal discomfort.

They Have No Plan in Place for Major Disruptions

Even if your security doesn’t plan to handle major disruptions on their own, they should have a plan in place in case something does happen.
When you’re hiring a potential security service, you should ask them about their emergency plan. If they don’t have extensive plans for a variety of types of emergencies, then they are likely offering you nothing more than a security monitor. A security guard company that invests in high-level training for their guards can even deal with major issues armed gunmen.
Your business needs to be prepared for everything from natural disasters to attacks, and your security service should be able to help you get prepared.

They Aren’t Properly Trained

There may not be legal requirements for training security guards. But that doesn’t mean that you should hire a security service that offers guards who don’t have formal training.
The American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS) recommends that security guards receive a minimum of 48 hours of training before being put on the job.
The ASIS also offers several different certifications that allow security guards to advance their skills.
The more training a guard service requires, the better protected your tenants and employees will be.
In addition, training will help instruct security guards on how to interact with tenants and employees in a way that is safe and appropriate. This can help you avoid conflicts between guards and employees or residents later on.

They Don’t Patrol on Foot

Security cameras and other monitoring tech are becoming increasingly advanced. It should definitely be a part of your security system.
But your security shouldn’t rely only on these methods. If it does, your guards likely spend the entirety of their time behind a desk. Which means you may be paying for a security monitor, rather than a security guard.
Cameras can’t cover every single inch of a property. This is especially true for residential properties. This includes large housing developments or apartment and condominium complexes.
To offset these gaps, your security should also be performing foot patrols.
These allow your security to look for sights that your camera may have missed. They also make up for a lack of sound, as most security cameras don’t pick up audio or don’t do so well.
If your security guard is monitoring residential properties, they may hear a disturbance within a home or apartment. If they are patrolling an office, they could hear issues going on behind closed doors.
Your security guard could quite literally become a hero in any of these situations. If you’re only paying for a security monitor, they may miss these disturbances entirely, leaving your tenants or employees to fend for themselves.
Even security alarm systems aren’t entirely effective on their own. In fact, statistics show that 40 percent of burglaries in homes equipped with alarm systems are still successful.

Benefits of Security Guard Services

Hiring a security guard service rather than just monitoring services can have a range of benefits for your commercial or residential property.
To start, you’ll get better-trained security guards who are better able to meet you and your employee or tenants’ needs.
You’ll get more security than simple camera monitoring. You’ll get foot patrols that can help your guards detect major disturbances. You’ll get an effective security plan that will have your business prepared regardless of what happens.
When a major disturbance occurs, your business is responsible for taking care of your tenants or employees. Failing to do so properly could lead to injuries, disgruntled employees, and more.
You’ll also get non-security related benefits.
For instance, residential properties often charge a premium for rent or housing association costs for properties that feature round-the-clock security.
With increased security on the property, you’ll retain tenants for longer. The same goes for businesses that hire on-site security.
Keeping your employees happy and safe will encourage them to stay with your business longer, decreasing turnover that costs your business time and money, and can delay operations until replacements are found.

Implementing a Variety of Security Systems

Whether you’re adding security as a symbol of security for your tenants or employees or you think that your property is in need of advanced security, implementing the right system is important.
That system starts with the right security guards. But it doesn’t end there.
Technology like security and alarm systems can protect your people and your property from crime. Personnel training can help your business deal with a natural disaster or other major disturbance.
Talking to a security professional to develop a plan for your residential or commercial property can help. They’ll take into consideration your business’ unique needs and demands. They’ll look at your budget and use it to determine a plan for protecting your business and its people.

Recovering from the Effects of Bad Security

Hiring the right security service can be the difference between a safe and secure workplace or residential property, or the potential for disaster.
It only takes one bad incident to ruin your reputation amongst your employees or tenants.
Whether that’s a robbery or attack on site or a disaster that you are poorly prepared for, if your security can’t handle the situation, chaos will ensue.
This can lead to lawsuits, employees quitting, or tenants moving out.
Coming back from a bad incident can be difficult. You’ll be forced to work to regain your employee or tenants trust. New employees or tenants may be wary of your property as a result.
Rather than putting your company in a situation where you would need to work to regain your reputation, it’s better to set yourself up for success from the start. The right security guard service can go a long way towards helping with that.

Finding the Right Security Guard Service

Avoiding security monitoring services and finding the right security guards for your commercial or residential business is essential.
You’ll be protecting your employees and tenants, improving your company’s reputation, and more.
Now that you know what to look out for when hiring your security service, it’s time to start searching for the right one for your company.
The right security guard service will provide your company with experienced, trained security guards. It will help you create a plan for your company’s security so that you’re prepared no matter what happens.
Finding that security guard service shouldn’t be difficult. With a little time and effort, you can find the perfect security service for your company.
If you’re ready to learn more about what the right security guard service can do for your business, contact us today.
We’ll help you figure out your residential or commercial property’s security needs. We’ll help develop customized solutions that allow you to protect your employees and residents while also sticking to your security budget.
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