Alex Tormos

Director of Human Resources

Alex joined the OPS team in April of 2019 as an Armed Special Event Officer and worked his first event at the Philadelphia Broad Street Run. Alex then began his journey into Human Resources leadership as a Recruiter, where he honed his skills in understanding how to provide the best possible career opportunity for new OPS Security candidates.

In July 2020, Alex was promoted to Human Resources Manager, where his responsibilities expanded into other facets within his department such as employee retention and incident management. His growth within the company continued in 2022, when he was promoted to his current role of Director of Human Resources. Alex’s attention to detail and dedication to his team, as well as the company, has been instrumental in helping OPS carry out its mission to be a people first organization.

Alex brings with him 11+ years of military experience in both the Marines and Army, a BS from Kutztown University, and numerous advanced military schools ranging from leadership courses to precision weapon and tactics courses.