The Downfall of In-House Hired Security Guards for Your Distribution Centers and Warehouses

Most companies at some point may require a security team. Whether the purpose of the security team is to safeguard inventory, equipment, or the employees, security may become necessary for the success of your business.
When deciding on security one question almost always arises, do you hire an in-house security staff or do you outsource your security requirements?
Continue reading to learn about the disadvantages to in-house security and the advantages to outsourcing your security needs.

In-House Security

At first glance, hiring your own in-house security team seems like the best option. The security staff will be full employees which can build trust and comradeship between them and the rest of your employees. After all, they have the same boss.
Also, your security staff will be hand selected by you and since you already have great employees working for you, you will also have a great security team. However, there is an important question to ask before embarking down this road. How much do you really know about security?
You know how to run your business, how to market, sell your product, and even hire your staff. But do you know all the necessary information about security, protecting your employees, and safeguarding your inventory?
Chances are you don’t. And that’s ok because you shouldn’t. There are security experts and companies for a reason. Security is a whole other mindset from running a business.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about security.

  • Do you know all the access points to your building?
  • How are you going to vet your security team?
  • What are the potential threats to your company?
  • How are you going to handle those threats?
  • What are your security guards going to be capable of?
    • Can they restrain individuals?
    • Are they armed?
    • Do they need to be armed?
  • What type of guidance for situations will your security team have access to?

These are all things to consider when discussing security and chances are if you’ve never thought about them before you’re going to have a difficult time answering those questions.

Disadvantages to Not Outsourcing Security

If you feel like you’re in over your head with figuring out how to set up your own security team then you’ve already realized the biggest disadvantage to not outsourcing your security; you don’t know what you’re doing.
Another major disadvantage is actually one of the advantages mentioned above that you may have thought about. The comradeship between employees and your security team. A security team is not only responsible for the security and safety of your company against outsider threats but insider threats as well.
While that doesn’t mean your security team needs to be heartless emotionless drones they do need to be able to enforce the security policies even against those they work with. If someone forgets their badge they need to be stopped and instructed to go get it, not let in because they are friends with the security guard and they both happen to not like you.
Another major disadvantage is training. If you hire your own team you are responsible for any training they need. This includes any restraining techniques they may need to learn as well as certifying on any firearms you may require them to carry.
All of that makes you ultimately responsible for any time they injure someone by improperly restraining them or firing their weapon when they shouldn’t have. Just because you trained them improperly doesn’t mean you won’t be held responsible. It’s your job to ensure they are properly trained and abide by all written local laws governing security guards.

Advantages to Outsourcing Your Security Needs

All the disadvantages to in-house security are mitigated when you outsource your security needs. When you hire a security company to provide security all the responsibility of training, writing guidelines for them, and certifications are with the security company not you.
The security company is the expert and will ensure their officers are trained properly and in accordance with any and all local laws. They are responsible if a security guard injures someone while executing a restraint or fires their weapon inappropriately.
Also, they will be able to provide guidance on what type of security services you require. Whether it is just a guard to walk around at night, someone to maintain access control in the facility, or just someone to be around the lobby because you get a lot of very upset people who come through your door. Whatever the reason, they will know how best to help you.
It is also cheaper. You’ll pay the security company whatever fee they require for their services. Unlike if you hire your own security team, the security company will handle the paychecks of the guards meaning they’ll be dealing with taxes, issuing W-2’s, paid leave, sick days, etc.
If you hire your own team you’ll need to do all that yourself. And your budget may not support the number of security personnel needed. If your budget is allocated for 40 employees and you currently have 39 employees working for you, then you can only hire one security guard. If you outsource though then you can potentially request as many as you need.

Other Advantages to Security Companies

The advantages listed above are the main advantages to outsourcing your security needs. A few others, however, include consultation.
The layout of your warehouse is designed for efficiency and productivity, but did you know it may lend itself to making your warehouse more difficult to secure?
A security company will be able to look at how your warehouse is laid out, the entrance to your lobby, and where your cameras are or are not and offer advice on how to improve security without losing productivity.
They also may come with their own private investigators. But how does that help you? Well, it helps during the hiring process or if you suspect someone is stealing from the company.
Private security investigators can run background checks on potential employees, as well as conduct in-house investigations if a crime is believed to have been committed. While they won’t be able to make an arrest, they can determine if an employee should be fired and advise on how to include local law enforcement.

Don’t Be Foolish, Outsource Your Security

When it comes to security no cost is too great and corners should never be cut. Be sure to call in the experts and let them do what they do best. Secure and safeguard your property and employees. Avoid the in-house security option.
If you have questions on what the best security options for your business contact us today!

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