The Importance of Security Personnel Longevity

The Importance of Security Personnel Longevity

One of the biggest challenges an organization faces is how to retain a valuable asset: its commercial security team. The issue extends far beyond employee retention rates, providing a more nuanced view of what makes an effective security force.

The security personnel on duty are an important part of the business. They protect not only the company but also its clients and provide property security. They need to be up-to-date with the latest security trends and developments to be efficient and effective in their work.

The security personnel can assist in making sure that the company is running well without any hiccups or problems by proving a wide range of security services from emergency preparedness to warehouse security and everything in between. Additionally, they can also help with boosting productivity daily. Here’s why working with a trustworthy security partner and security manager can help you maintain a thriving relationship with your property security is beneficial.

Reduced Costs

Replacing seasoned employees can be very costly. Replacing an entire outsourced security team or in-house security can also be costly. The research and time spent seeking new proposals, interviewing candidates, meeting executives and putting together contracts can be setbacks for a growing business. The hiring process is a drawing one — financially and time-wise.

Hiring the right commercial property security team for your company is much easier because you don’t have to worry about training costs, uniforms and equipment and other employee benefits. More importantly, you can have access to expertise and knowledge that can scale as your business continues to grow. 

Better Security Services

An outsourced security team is an important part of any business. They need to be trained and kept up-to-date about security protocols and the latest technology. With a long-term commercial property security team, you’ll have people on your side who understand what you need. That means reducing the number of people who have access to security vulnerabilities. Commercial security is highly sensitive and maintaining a relationship with the right security partner means developing a strong sense of trust. High turnover rates mean losing out on building that trust and potentially making your business more vulnerable. 

Investing in a good commercial security team should mean investing in expertise that gets things right because they have the experience and knowledge to provide great security services

​​Enhanced Morale and Employee Engagement

When an employee leaves, this can sometimes have a negative impact on your team’s morale. It might be a good idea to put some people onto their sector or to increase their hours if you want to keep morale high. It’s not just the uncertainty of who will be filling the position and what that person will do. The changes to company culture may also have a negative effect on remaining employees. It can harm the productivity of your organization when employees leave or experience conflict with their coworkers. On the other hand, long-term, loyal employees can provide stability which is important for good company morale.

An outsourced security team doesn’t work in a vacuum, they regularly work with and interact with employees. Even if they aren’t your employees, they are a part of your team and work closely with employees. Having a high turnover rate for security guards can make employees feel less safe and less stable in their work environment. This can decrease productivity and even add unnecessary anxiety to the workplace.

Long-term Customer Support

Customers, specifically long-term customers, love to see friendly familiar faces. Front desk security and property security regularly interact with guests, tenants, clients and employees. People will develop a rapport with these familiar faces. Seeing an endless rotation of unfamiliar faces can create a sense of distrust among customers and even potentially damage your brand reputation. When customers see a mass exodus of security personnel, they might either believe your work environments are not good or that you constantly hire incapable security personnel.

After building a long-term relationship with a business security team, security personnel will have a better view of your business, industry, and needs. They also understand your customers and how to help them. At OPS Security, we have a people-focused approach so customer service and open communication is part of our training for business security. A relationship like this is highly valuable as it gives you a long-term support team for outsourced security.

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