Top 5 Security Needs of a Cannabis Facility

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Top 5 Security Needs of a Cannabis Facility

Establishing strong cannabis security procedures is the most important thing for any commercial cannabis company. One of the most common threats to cannabis facilities is robberies. Robberies are on the rise and in turn, many companies hire outsourced security to protect their warehouses and plants from theft and vandalism.

OPS Security Group - Security Services - Security CameraHowever, problems can arise with your dispensary security if you have a security manager who isn’t updated on the current regulations affecting your state. The legalization of marijuana isn’t at a federal level, which means regulations for your cannabis business security depend on your state. In an industry that is constantly growing and shifting, you need a security partner that understands the needs of the industry and can meet those needs with specific security services

These are the highest priority needs for your cannabis facility.

1. Internal Controls

Store security policies in commercial cannabis facilities are designed to protect cash, employees, and the premises from theft or damage. 

A typical security policy in a commercial cannabis facility would include:

  • Enforcing 24-hour security of the premises with at least one armed guard on duty at all times, and more for larger production locations.
  • Requiring all visitors and employees to be pre-approved before entering the property; not allowing guests without an appointment past the lobby, and enforcing visitor limits
  • Deploying perimeter surveillance such as cameras and fences around the property.
  • Establishing procedures for emergencies such as fire.

Door security can help monitor internal access and keep an eye out for suspicious activity inside your cannabis facility.

2. Exterior Access Control

This is the controlled and restricted access to an exterior of your commercial building, usually by means of a locked door, gate, or similar barriers. To enhance your business security, armed guards can be present to monitor exterior access points.

Exterior access control is one of the most important parts of any cannabis business. With controlled and restricted access to the exterior of a warehouse or dispensary, it is easier for law enforcement agencies to tell whether or not your cannabis business is legal and compliant with state laws. 

It also prevents any individuals from illegally entering or leaving the premises without alerting law enforcement agencies. Door security can prevent access from unauthorized individuals so your employees and customers are safe.

3. Intrusion Protection Systems

Intrusion detection systems are a critical component of cannabis security systems. These security systems, if installed and configured correctly, can help to prevent unauthorized access to company data or networks.

An intrusion detection system is a software-based monitoring tool that looks for signs of cyber attacks from hackers, malware, and viruses. Intrusions can be detected by various mechanisms including alerts from a firewall or other network device that detects an unauthorized network connection, and unusual traffic patterns on a protected computer system or network. 

Once an intrusion has been detected, it alerts the security administrator so that they can take appropriate action. Trade secrets are important to any business, but this adds another layer of protection to your business security.

4. Security Cameras and Surveillance Equipment

Thanks to the advancement of technology, a business is now able to provide stability and safety for their employees and customers without being too intrusive. Some of these surveillance systems allow you to monitor what is going on in your enterprise from anywhere you have access to the internet.

There are many different styles of security cameras that can be used for dispensary security. Choosing the right security camera for your dispensary will depend on the size of your facility, whether it is indoors or outdoors, and what features you would like to have with your system. Again, with the right security partner, you can have a tailormade plan for your cannabis security.

5. Fire Safety and Prevention Systems

Fire safety is a concern with any commercial building. A dispensary is no exception. Fire prevention systems are the best way to help prevent fires from starting or spreading inside your dispensary and fortify your store security.

Sprinklers are a great way to fight fires before they start. They work by creating a wet environment over the entire area and stopping any chance of a fire from spreading with water droplets that will be released if there is an emergency situation, such as an electrical fire or arsonist.

Fire alarm systems work with a CO2 detector to mitigate these risks by reducing the incidence of injuries and fatalities from fires by alerting those in your facility. It is important for companies and individuals to understand the importance of fire safety and prevention systems as a component of cannabis security

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