Top Reasons Why 24/7 Residential Complex Security Services Are Important

Complex Security

The job of a residential property manager is no joke. Keeping hundreds of tenants happy takes constant effort and care.
And tenants don’t keep their complaints to normal business hours either. Issues might arise in the middle of the night or early morning hours.
Anything that you can do to make the job easier on yourself without slipping in the level of service you provide is worth it.
Property managers often find that one of the best things they can do to lessen their own load while making their tenants more comfortable is hiring a complex security service. A security guard or team of guards can do so much for protecting your tenants, reducing crime, and keeping your property safe and secure.
If you’re on the fence about bringing a security service on board, here are just some of the reasons why doing so is a great idea.

Provide Peace of Mind

There’s a reason that shopping centers, commercial properties, hotels, and residential complexes hire security guards. Doing so can provide a sense of security while keeping the grounds under the watchful eye of a trained guard.
A security guard, or team of security guards, can act as a property manager and offer peace of mind to the owner of the residential complex as well as to the residents themselves.
For some residential property owners, hiring a full team of security guards is an expense they can’t take on. Don’t let that discourage you from pursuing the benefits of having security on the premises. Even one security guard can do a lot to keep your complex safe and secure.

Discourage Crime with a Complex Security System

When your tenants know that you have security guards on duty and that they’re constantly being monitored, they’ll be less likely to commit crimes on the property. Add signs around your complex announcing your security team and you’ll further discourage theft and property damage.
There are few people that would be bold enough to break into a car or vandalize property when they know they’ll probably be caught. Having a security system in place will make anyone think twice before they act.
Protecting your property and the possessions of your tenants is one of the best moves you can make to keep the peace.
Crime and vandalism destroy businesses and communities and cost the public millions of dollars a year. Reputations are built quickly and hard to reverse. If your property is unable to offer a low-crime, secure environment, it might quickly build a reputation as an unsafe place to live.

Appeal to New Tenants

One of the main things a prospective tenant will look for in a residential complex is safety. In fact, many people put safety as priority number one, above location, style, and even price.
When a potential tenant realizes that you take security and safety seriously, they’ll be more comfortable moving in, even if they don’t know much else about the surrounding area.
Security services aren’t offered at all residential complexes, so having surveillance or security guards available will make your complex stand out in a positive way.

Keep Your Current Residents

With the help of a security guard, you’ll enjoy a higher retention rate with your current residents. They won’t be as eager to move out at the end of their lease in favor of a residence that offers them the security they need.
A major complaint among renters is a lack of security. Renters worry about their cars being broken into, their property being vandalized and stolen, or their homes being broken into. Complex security systems drastically reduce these risks.

Protect Yourself in Legal Situations

Residential property managers have to do what they can to protect themselves in legal situations, and that includes having the necessary evidence of crimes that occur on their property.
A security guard can serve as a witness to any and all criminal activity that takes place. This protects the property manager should someone attempt to sue. It also aids law enforcement in finding perpetrators who break the law on the complex grounds.
Crime victims can help find the justice they deserve when security services present, which is something all tenants and visitors will appreciate.

Monitoring Employees

Another benefit to having apartment security and is your ability to keep tabs on your other employees. As a manager of a residential complex, there’s always something that needs attention, so having employees who are slacking off and not getting their work done won’t help matters.
Letting your employees know that they’re being monitored will keep them motivated to get their work done on the job and discourage any theft from them as well.

Protect Your Investment

Owning a residential property is an investment worth protecting. Increase the value of your complex by keeping it safe and free from preventable vandalism and littering.
If you’re spending money keeping up the grounds, adding new paint to your properties, and paying for regular litter pick-up, you should invest in the safety of your property as well. A reliable security guard can keep an eye on every area of your complex.

Lessen Your Work Load

As a property manager, you’ve got more than enough to worry about. A complex security service can relieve so much of the burden of your day-to-day duties. Unload security issues on the professionals and focus your efforts elsewhere. A trusted security guard can become one of your most trusted resources for taking care of your business.

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