Top Security Trends Coming in 2020

Experts expect the physical security market size to reach $292 billion by 2025.

The future of the security industry is uncertain. New security trends are emerging with advances in technology and artificial intelligence.

Rapid spending on security products, new equipment, and next-level services drives the market. Infrastructure development is boosting the necessity for security. This means enhanced security technology is in high demand.

Technology is transforming every industry in significant ways. And new solutions appear all the time. Only the most innovative industries will stay on top.

So, how will the security industry stack up on a global scale? Let’s take a look at the top security trends to watch in 2020.

New Security Trends 

The most important part of your business isn’t the merchandise or the services you offer. It should be a robust security system armed with the latest security trends to operate well.

Here are some security trends you need to know to provide utmost security in the following year.

Remote Video Monitoring

Video monitoring has always been common practice in the physical security industry. Now, companies are starting to ask for remote video monitoring over guards. 

The upfront cost of cameras and the equipment used to run them are more of an investment. But many organizations feel that they will reduce security costs in the long run.

Yet, you should always factor video equipment into the cost. You’ll also need a security station, desk, or podium designed for video monitoring.

Remote video monitoring is exciting, but cameras can’t catch everything. They aren’t able to watch every nook and cranny of a warehouse or commercial building. Some crime is bound to occur without notice if you don’t have a physical security guard present.

Security Equipment Specialization

Security firms offer specialized security equipment to set themselves apart from the competition.

Industries such as health services, construction, and education, all have different requirements. The best firms are offering top-notch security options specialized for each industry.

Equipment specialization is also benefiting companies from an insurance standpoint. Eliminating risks and providing industry-specific equipment to security guards results in decreased risks. Fewer incidents mean lower insurance premiums.

Better Cybersecurity

It’s impossible to talk about technology trends and not discuss cybersecurity. In this technological age, it’s one of the biggest concerns for organizations. 

Hackers are no longer breaking into systems for fun. They’re turning it into big business. Some are even hacking government systems in an attempt to uncover secrets.

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and more resilient. Network breach attempts have made cybersecurity one of the hottest industry trends.

The risk of an attack raises the stakes within interconnected systems. The weakest system defines the strength of the network. 

The top security firms use IP cameras that provide high levels of cybersecurity. Their firmware is up to date, which prevents any emerging cyber threats. The best companies will configure devices to the highest level of cybersecurity.

Robotic Security Devices

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a trend in every industry. Security companies that incorporate AI into their security solutions rise to the top.

The University of Birmingham is running a $12.2 million project to place robotic security officials in facilities worldwide. They have already started with Bob. Bob is the first robotic security guard in the UK, patrolling the G45 headquarters.

Don’t worry. It’s not likely that robots will replace human guards anytime soon. Although, the would allow organizations better security with fewer people on staff. 

Companies are slowly incorporating this technology into applications. These applications have features such as facial recognition and license plate recognition. The actual use for AI will depend on the specific industry that requires security.

As it’s still an emerging technology, it’s hard to set apart expectations and the actual capabilities of AI. 

AI is maturing every year, but it still needs to prove itself as a viable solution in the security industry.

Central Monitoring

New software makes it possible for organizations to combine their security systems. Before, there were separate technologies for different security functions. For example, the technology used for access control wasn’t used for surveillance. They didn’t communicate with each other.

New software enables all an organization’s systems to communicate together. They are then monitored from a single location.

As IP systems evolve, there is a thirst for data. The Internet of Things (IoT) and big data combined offers flexibility and intelligence. This data will give companies a better picture of their security posture.

The more data collected, the better the security intelligence. This lowers risk and liability.

Insurance Discounts

You’re aware that auto insurance companies offer discounts for safe drivers. Did you know that commercial insurers are rewarding businesses for increased security efforts?

Investing in security measures will provide cost-saving benefits to your business. This is true for small and large organizations alike.

Insurance companies are looking for increased surveillance, new technology, and regular vulnerability assessments. Reap the benefits of insurance discounts by incorporating these into your business plans.

Strategic Partnerships

As an interconnected business, it’s important for security companies to seek partnerships. These strategic partnerships will help them compete in the new technology-driven landscape. 

A partner who understands specific regions can be helpful in preventing certain threats. A symbiotic relationship is key to scaling your business.

Look for a company with a proven track record of providing high-quality solutions. Longevity creates value for your company in the form of expert services and support.

Hit the Ground Running

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