Why Your Front Desk Person Should Have a Security Background

As highlighted in our previous post 7 Necessary Front Desk Skills of Security Concierges, security professionals need to stay calm in emergency situations. For professionals working at the front desk, an adequate background in security not only helps them advance career-wise but also improves the overall security building where they work.

Protective services jobs on the rise

A study cited by Statista reports 7.2 million cases of property crime a year, however slightly down from previous years. A clear and present need for professionals with a background in security exists to help ward off theft. According to Maryville University’s Criminal Justice Department, protective services jobs will grow by about 158,000 jobs 2016 to 2026.

3 High-Risk Commercial Real Estate Situations That Require an Immediate Response:

Fire alarm

According to the most recent statistics cited by the U.S. Fire Administration, over 1.3 million fires happen every year. Therefore, your front desk personnel should memorize the standard operating procedures of your company. Proper fire protocols include calling 911, helping individuals evacuate, contacting property management, and exiting the building themselves. Additionally, they should also learn how to use fire extinguishers to douse the fire if it’s small enough.

A homeless person in the building

A homeless person in the building may not seem like an emergency situation, but it can make tenants uncomfortable. Train your front desk staff to make sure that doors remain locked to keep suspicious individuals from entering. Remind them to refrain from using force while trying to move an individual out of the building. Similarly, it’s important to provide your personnel with training programs to teach them to manage aggressive behavior. After that, they can employ the appropriate protocols to gain control of the situation to keep it from escalating.

Water leak

While water leaks don’t pose a threat to personal safety, they can lead to damage that’s worth thousands of dollars. An article on The Balance claims that owners of establishments with water leaks should brace themselves for the costs of water damage. These costs include: removing the water, cleaning up, ventilation, decontamination, building and structural repairs and replacement or cleaning up of personal property and mechanical equipment. With attentive front desk personnel, a management company can contain and mitigate potential water hazards. However, it’s important to train your front desk. Similarly, encourage them to  work with property management and maintenance staff to locate the leaks and shut off water valves.

Get the front desk security training your staff needs

Equipping your employees with security knowledge or hiring a company with superior training in security provides your team with a more well-rounded front desk concierge. Effective courses for front desk security include Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training (OCAT), Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB), Active Shooter Response and CPR/AED/First Aid.

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