What Is Security?

Oxford University Press defines security as:

1. The state of being free from danger or threat; 2. A private police force that guards a building, campus, park, etc.

In a post-9/11 world, public-private partnerships between federal, state and local law enforcement, and the private industry, to include the security field, work in a cohesive environment to share information and collaborate on the end result: the overall safety of the American people and the society in which we serve.
No longer will our society accept the mindless, uneducated, untrained, unlicensed, abusive individuals hiding behind an imaginary veil of protection from legal challenge or review. Hiring security based on their ability to “look the part” or appear physically fit should be the least variable in considering a security company. Effective security in the modern world is most important from the neck up, not solely the neck down. Having the ability to use rational thought, common sense, and an ability to verbally deescalate a situation holds more weight, and adds more benefit, to the client and to the general public.
A security officer has to have an understanding of why they are being tasked with their assigned duties. There should be an appreciation for the rights of the client as well as the rights of the offender, because an overuse of the force necessary to protect a person or property could result in civil action against the client security was asked to protect. In the end, the customer could find themselves in a heavy financial burden, which immediately cancels out the effectiveness of the retention of the security staff. This is a loss for everyone involved.
The modern-era of private security should be one of professionalism, documented training, management oversight, and a genuine concern for the wellbeing and safety of those they are tasked with protecting. The public should expect nothing less, and the security company should deliver more than what’s expected.

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